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Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

As a social media marketer, it isn’t enough to just know what you are doing. Supplementing your knowledge with useful tools will guarantee the success of any campaign that you make. So what tools can you use for your social media marketing, Google Chrome extensions are very useful for social media marketing.

Here are some useful Chrome extensions you can use:


This extension allows you to focus on key tasks. Once installed, it launches every time you open a new tab. It will display a reminder of the tasks you need to accomplish for the day.

Check My Links

This is a very useful extension since it will let you check the integrity of the link you will be posting. Once it is installed, just open the link you want to post and click the Check My Links icon on the toolbar. It will start checking the integrity of the link. The broken links will be highlighted in red, problematic links will be in yellow and the good links will be in green.


Grammarly is among the most used Chrome extensions. It will help you check typos and spelling errors when you are posting content on your social media accounts.

Share to Facebook

Share to Facebook is a very useful extension that allows you to share interesting pages, articles or links to your Facebook profile, group, page or messenger.


LastPass is another great extension that social media marketers can use. If you manage a lot of social media accounts, installing this extension allows you to login to your accounts within just a few clicks. This extension also lets you share account access with your team members without revealing the actual passwords.


Another great extension you can use is Discoverly. This extension allows you to get the social media profile of the people you’re interested in connecting with. You can also integrate this with Gmail so you can view the social media information when you open a contact’s email.


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