It only makes sense, librarians have been doing it for hundreds of years...

Search Engine Optimisation was marketed heavily as a way to get your website at the top of Google (and other) search engine results. As Google changed the way that results are displayed by placing paid Ads at the top of search results, SEO cannot claim what it once did. SEO cannot get you at the top of search results because it has become physically impossible.

This change in Google search results dominated by advertising has not diminished the value of SEO in any way, despite the fact that by looking at search results, many think this is the case.

SEO will still assist your site in getting higher organic search results, those results directly under paid advertising on Google. More than this, it is important to understand that SEO is and has been about much more than getting higher organic results for some time.

The goal of SEO, particularly onsite SEO, is to ensure a website is well organised, has clearly defined categories and each page is specific for a specific topic. That process that brings about better organic results and has been the focus of SEO specialists despite the focus on marketing promise of higher organic results by SEO consultants to clients has been the result.

The work done with SEO creates the foundation of a great website, which has a huge impact on all marketing to follow. Think about SEO, onsite SEO, as the starting point for setting your goals with your online asset.