Length of timing is as important as the right time...

It’s extremely important to stand out online. Promotional activities work well as a part of a larger content marketing campaign. Promotions can be extended over a period of time and communicated across a number of platforms to drive real interest in your business. Social media has become a big part of developing longer term promotions and can be used to drive conversation and interest in your business. Combined with other methods, such as email marketing and online advertising, a great promotion can become an extension of content marketing.

Extending promotions reduces the cost of promotional campaigns while giving time for the message to be communicated and allows for your potential clients to become involved.

With the rise of social media and the extent to which it is used in every-day, personal online-interactions, consumers have developed different expectations of businesses when it comes to how they are “treated” from a marketing perspective. A business’s social network account is only as good as its level of attention to the customers.

Promotional activities are also an excellent way to listen to your clients through social media.

The most common assets of a successful promotion include; making it easy for potential customers to participate, encouraging customers to share text and images, using paid advertising to supercharge the campaign, having customers and your people seeding the campaign and being mobile friendly of course.

These are all issues we would like you to think about when collaborating with us.