So more of the right consumers spend more...

It is easy to get focused on just the conversion rate. However, conversion rates don’t tell the the whole story even if a 30% conversion rate looks better than that of 15%. You could be generating more revenue because your consumers are spending more.

Conversion rates don’t tell the whole story. For example, it is also important to look at the time spent on pages and how much users are engaged in your websites. These factors can and will lead to conversions down the road.

Building conversion rates, like all aspects of digital marketing requires a holistic approach, from smarter Adwords advertising, great on-page sales copy, appealing design to genuine offers that give customers confidence, whether they are buying a product or engaging you for services for the first time. It doesn’t stop there either.

Split-testing is one of the most common ways to increase conversion rates without making major changes. Small onpage changes can have a huge influence on the way your customers behave. Page speeds are also increasingly important. Website visitors aren’t prepared to wait for pages to load let alone return. As the number of users on mobile devices increases, Mobile First and lightweight website design is increasingly important. We would like you to keep all of these things in mind as we work together to increase your conversion rates.