Get the subscriber list right and you have gold on your hands...

Direct email marketing through a subscriber list with members who are interested in what you offer is one of the best ways to increase your sales. Don’t you love to get those special offers from your favourite retailer? There are a lot of ways to make email marketing really work for a business.

Building a good list of subscribers is essential. We really do have a lot of hands on experience building subscriber lists for particular purposes, where the members stay in the list and what offers work well by appealing to the right kind of prospect for a particular purpose. Again, there are so many methods, tactics, strategies, platforms, and yes, content marketing with engaging content that will work to help you build a great subscriber list. The concept of a subscriber list being a stack of email addresses that those being sent don't want to hear, don't read, delete, complain and have no interest are simply wrong, that's a spam list - and I'm on too many.

A subscriber direct email marketing list (is quality) and can and will be a gold mine for your business and will be something you can further build a solid, regular revenue stream from – and there is nothing like having a constant supply of cash for any business.

Another issue all business owners are confronted with when managing a subscriber list is the software. Software and technology are not issues we let us bog us down. There is something right for you and there are people to implement it - yes, we do that kind of thing too. Let's keep it simple. All you will need to do is look at your needs today and your needs over the next two years; when it comes to digital marketing technologies, six months is about the cycle.