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Inside PPC: How to Do More with Local Advertising on Google

Article Updated: September 4, 2019

Local online advertising can be costly, but if done correctly it helps reach your target audience and drive traffic to your site. Adss can deliver better results than you would have expected. Your ad will be more successful in Google Ads compared to other advertising platforms as it has the widest overall reach owning two-thirds of the entire market share.

Check these tips on how to do more with your local advertising on Google.

Search for Your Keyword Ideas

What area of your business generates the highest local sales? Which among your local service is most applicable to your clients? What are the areas you want to work on? Answer these questions and deliver a good search. Take your time researching a lot of information.

Refine Your Keywords Search

Don’t try to put everything in your keywords. Be specific and avoid taking a wide approach. For example, a local pet salon that caters to different services like grooming, bathing, nail cutting, and ear cleaning, should define them clearly with different adverts. An effective approach is to begin with a single element like pet care, then work on ways to attract more leads with specific ads for specific keywords.

Descriptive Ad Headline

Your ad headlines must be catchy to get your reader’s attention. Give reasons why your audience has to click on your ad. Include at least two-four keywords on your headline with one word relevant to the benefit your local target market.

Create an Effective yet Concrete Call to Action

Google allows you to have a click-to-call feature. Your contact details will appear immediately with one click of your ad. This can be good for local businesses to bring in positive results. For example, you can say “Call now for a free quotation.” Something that will encourage them to call you.

Design Landing Pages

Grabbing your audience’s attention to click on your ad is just half the process. You have to design a landing page. Your landing page must gain your visitors’ trust. Always strive for continuity and engagement.

Monitor and Test Your Results Consistently

Constantly monitor and test your performance results once your ads and landing page are set-up. Monitor the most important elements like CPC, click-through rates, bounce rates and conversion goals. There are a variety of insights tools that Google offers. Google Analytics is one of the most popular and useful insight platforms.

Keep yourself well-informed

Learning is a continuous and endless process. Keep yourself updated with the latest techniques and strategies. Even Google constantly updates its features for its users. Commit yourself to stay well-informed and capitalize on changing environment and methods.

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