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Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaigns for the Real Estate Industry

In the real estate industry, brokers and agents utilize digital marketing as a means of promoting real estate. They have found it very effective in generating leads especially performance-based digital marketing. What is performance-based digital marketing? It is a digital marketing method that allows the marketer to promote the product (in this case, real estate) to other people’s websites and pay them according to the performance of the ad that they placed. Sounds a little complicated, right? Let me try to simplify it for you. It’s like putting up a billboard, but instead of paying a monthly fee, you only pay for how many people actually bought your product because of the billboard. But then, how will you know how many did exactly that?, Well since the internet has progressed a lot in the past years, it is now possible to measure the results of the ads you place on the internet.

So, how do you create digital marketing campaigns for real estate? Let’s talk about that below.

Steps for Building a Digital Marketing Campaign for Real Estate Companies/Agents

Build a Business Marketing Funnel

It is important to build the business funnel in order to properly identify who to market to. In other words, you are identifying your target audience by creating it. Identifying your target audiences will allow you to build your marketing campaign properly. In real estate, the common target audiences are the people who want to buy a house for investment or those that want to move in.

Create Your Ad Campaigns

Once you identify who your target markets are through the business funnel development, you can start creating your campaign. Target your ads according to the target market you’ve identified in the first step. Your ads must appeal to each of the target audiences you’ve identified. You can place your ads on websites that you think most of your target audience visits often.

Getting the Leads

The whole concept of getting a lead is to catch their attention. You can use landing pages to capture leads and get their contact information. Another method is to create social media ads since it is where most people flock to interact online.

Engage Your Leads

Once you get a lead, you can then start engaging with them and begin your persuasion. Converting a lead into a customer can be a bit tricky. You may want to consider a drip email marketing campaign to deepen your relationship with them. You can educate the potential customer by providing information about the real estate you are selling over a specific period of time via email. Once you’ve piqued their interest, you can then start persuading them by offering the price points.

Sales Team

Since this is about real estate, talking to your leads online can only do so much. You need to actually talk to them in person. You can visit the prospect when you try to close the sale. That way, you are building trust.

In conclusion, performance-based digital marketing can help you capture leads which are very valuable in the real estate industry. If you really think it through, the competition in the real estate industry doesn’t lie in the closing of sales but in gathering leads. This is where performance-based digital marketing really shines. The more leads you get, the more chance you have of closing sales.


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