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Remarketing with Google Ads

Article Updated: September 3, 2019

Google Ads has a feature called Remarketing. RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, allows you to customize your ads and bids according to what your visitors are searching for in Google and other search network partners.

How Does RLSA Work?

Let’s paint a picture. Say, for example, a person visits your site but doesn’t buy anything; RLSA will help you connect with that visitor when they go back to Google and search for something again and display your ads elsewhere around the internet. Think of this as a reminder to purchase what you offer.

RLSA Strategies

You can use any of these 2two strategies when using RLSA.

1. When bidding on keywords, bid on those that you don’t normally bid but your site visitors have used when they purchased on your site previously.

2. You can increase your bid on existing keywords to a certain percentage of those people that visited your site within a set time. You can also use this to show a different ad to people who have got to your shopping cart but did not finish the purchase.

How to Setup RLSA

In order to use RLSA, you have to create a remarketing list and add the code from Adwords to your site. This code is called a remarketing tag. This code will let Adwords add every person who meets the requirements of that remarketing list to your remarketing list for a specific amount of time until they are verified again. This could be visitors to your site or to a specific page. For example, once the code is added and you have accrued sufficient users on a particular list (without personally identifying information), you can now add that list to your advertising campaigns and adjust your bids for the customers accordingly.

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