It is all too easy to lose track of costs and tasks whether you are using your own team or outsourcing (and teaching) freelancers online to get every piece of your digital marketing together on a regular basis. Putting all that into a format that accounts and management can clearly see is even more difficult. Digital marketing takes a lot of work, and that work is in many places at once or selected for specific timing. It is a lot to manage for any SME marketing manager, even with your own team, you will still find RomaDigital Services a much easier way to manage your budget and manage your tasks while you stay on focus.

The RomaDigital Services Solution

We thought it was time to make it easier, not only to manage, but to budget and justify digital marketing work that is done on a regular basis for our clients and any other organisation who would like to take advantage of the extensive range of digital marketing tasks, including everything from packs of 30 twitter posts to LinkedIn blogs, help with Instagram and much much more.

With years of experience we've already broken down the tasks that need doing and then we thought it was about time everyone could take advantage of structured digital marketing services. This is what happens when you come from a tech background and you need a production team that works like modern factories do today.

What he have to offer is task-by-task RomaDigital Services. You can order the services you want at a fixed rate, from a full range of services knowing that each service has a dedicated team who are experienced at handling client requests. Browse the services available and simply order what you need. This way you know exactly what you are getting and you can stay focused on your longer term strategy.

Making it easier for you to plan, organise, budget and implement.