Allowing you the freedom to work independently, collaborate, consult or engage

An Introduction to Collaborating with ROMA DIGITAL


An introduction to the way we prefer to assist our friends, partners, new acquaintances and clients across a variety of industries at different stages of development and positioning.

So, how do we go about collaborating and working with you to get results? You must be thinking about rates and your budget and how is all this going to work.

We like to keep it simple, because keeping it simple works. It's easy enough to get complicated if we don't keep stay on focus.

Unlike many agencies who go after the big sell to get the biggest budget, we have a different approach, which you will see unfold as you continue to read on. 

#1 Touching Base and Getting to Know You

This is where we basically say hello and get to meet each other. The time we have together face to face, we like to take it easy and get to know each other on a human level so we can get more out of our electronic communications as time goes by. If we can't meet in person, Skype and conference calls are always a good option. These conversations typically last around 45 minutes where we will be listening to where you want to take your business. We will have sent you some confidential short surveys so that we can better understand your business. The more people that we can get a response from the better. We will also probably ask some questions that have arisen or points we wish to confirm.

#2 Analysis & Review

This is where we go to work behind the scenes to give you a initial assessment of your online assets, their strong points and their weak points. Competitor analysis is also a big part of this analysis and review too. When we say competitor, that could be any business that is offering a similar product or service as yours. We will also look at your visibility and how well you are being exposed. Most digital campaigns work best when visibility and customer association is focused before moving onto letting them understand your business products or services better, which results in sales, subscriptions and orders.

The Analysis & Review Covers:

a. Your digtial assets and their condition
b. Your 'competitor' digital assets and condition
c. Considerations of any assets you may have outside of the digital realm
d. Your online presence over the accepted scope of platforms and appropriateness
e. Your digital market potential
f. Your digital market challenges
g. What creativity could do for the way you are doing things
h. Some examples to highlight and illustrate the above

#3 Initial Recommendations

In our experience, we have found there are generally two types approaches to marketing and digital marketing. There are those clients who have a serious budget and really want to shake the ground and make a huge difference and are prepared to go the mile. They have the cash and they are ready to spend it but that doesn't mean that spending it hard and fast will make a huge difference either. Frugality is the name of the game with digital marketing, step-by-step and increasing by consistent increments often turn around huge results compared to campaigns that throw water at the ocean.

The other type of client has a limited budget often wants to make a difference but doesn't know where it is best to put the budget they have. You can't always afford everything.

Well, in both these cases, we often recommend a strategy that has always worked and always will. We know what will bring about the most amount ROI for the smallest investment and that is where we start. We work our way through the lowest cost items that are actually often a clean up and put your marketing on better footing as we move forward. Typical situations involve basic website SEO, getting blogs and content started as well getting a social profile, or bring consistency to the basics that lead to much better returns from Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising and the like. A clean website with great social noise and clear page content does very well with digital advertising. 

Building the foundation is everything. 

#4 Pay as You Need RomaDigital Services

We have an array of subscription service options that we will recommend. These options make it easier to allocate your budget. We will certainly recommend some service options to get you in the best footing and get you ready for the next round of digital marketing.

This subscription model allows you to spend only what you want while making it very clear what you are paying for. A lot can be done to greatly improve your online performance by starting small and cleaning up. It's getting these early phases right that really pays off in the long run. We can show you examples of where this has been done well and where it hasn't, and the difference it is making to those businesses today. 

#5 Consultations

This is where we can review your progress and look at some dynamic ways to lift your business and do things that have never been done before. We'll be watching and monitoring your progress, so don't be surprised if we come up with something that completely left field and sets new standards in combining the way people when they are treated well, the power of great service and the roll on effect of Customers who are Devoted. They become advocates of your brand and business.