The longest standing buzzword for now and the foreseeable future

You hear this term all the time. Engaging content and how important it is. Engaging content drives business. But what is it really? Of course we can all understand that it is information that gets attention and keeps it. There are a lot of other ways we could discuss power of communications and telling a good story.

Studies show that humans have the same if not more emotional and neural responses to images as they do the real thing. Visual impressions are very powerful, combined with sound and put that all in a device that is in your hand is there much art and science left in the creation of engaging content? Addictive content doesn't sound as good but could fall into the same category.

A single image or a line of copy can have a huge impact on people, society and the world. We're not solely reliant on the mass distribution constant messaging to be engaging. How do you feel when adverts are following you around the web as you browse from page to page. Is that engaging or annoying? Ultimately, engaging content is material the user seeks out themselves.

So back to the original question, is engaging content art or a science. It has become both at least for now. Artists are those who create but over time technology can gather enough responses to predict what will engage and what will not. The best advertising has always been content, it's just that now we are keenly aware of the fact. One thing is for sure, to be able to create great content one must know their audience well.

Another side to engaging is content is the fact that online shopping has become more enjoyable than having to face the lack of service, costs, time and misery of shopping in many stores.