Small Shop Online Marketing Concept

Inside PPC: How to Do More with Local Advertising on Google

Article Updated: September 4, 2019 Local online advertising can be costly, but if done correctly it helps reach your target audience and drive traffic to your site. Adss can deliver better results than you would have expected. Your ad will be more successful in Google Ads compared to other advertising platforms as it has the […]

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Remote Worker On The Job

Effectively Managing Your Remote Team

Working independently and remotely at the same time for numerous clients, agencies, and businesses over the years have taught me a thing or two about how to make sure I am connecting with the teams I put together for short and longer-term projects. Unfortunately, what I have learned has come from a lack of interaction […]

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Real Estate Agent With Clients

Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaigns for the Real Estate Industry

In the real estate industry, brokers and agents utilize digital marketing as a means of promoting real estate. They have found it very effective in generating leads especially performance-based digital marketing. What is performance-based digital marketing? It is a digital marketing method that allows the marketer to promote the product (in this case, real estate) […]

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Meeting With Potential Client Agency

Questions to Ask Digital Marketers Before Hiring

One snap of the finger and everything is done. We all wish getting a job done is as easy as that. But it’s totally the opposite – expectation versus reality. True to life, getting something done requires a lot of hardwork and time especially when it comes to digital marketing. Seeking help from a digital […]

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Group People Searching Internet

Importance of Higher CTR Over Trying to Rank #1 on Google

Getting the #1 rank on Google can be a very long and arduous process. Getting a top-ranked spot on Google is great, but sometimes, it is not worth the time and money especially if it is driving the business into the ground in the process. So instead of chasing that pipe dream, there are other […]

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Adwords Interface

Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords Express

AdWords Express (AWE) has been pulled apart and renamed smart campaigns inside Google Ads as well as being split with Google My Business, which had a direct link to get started advertising in the same manner as the old AWE, with the addition of local-targeting. Article Updated: September 4, 2019 AdWords Express (AWE) provides accessibility […]

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Page Speed Optimization Concept

Importance of Page Speed for Google Marketing

When we say Page Speed, what we are really talking about is how fast a webpage loads its content. Some people often confuse it with site speed but it is actually different. Site speed is the average loading for several pages on a website while page speed is the actual time to fully load the […]

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Search Engine Marketing 101

Search engine marketing or SEM as it is widely known is a form of online marketing that involves promoting your website by making sure that your websites are visible in search results. When I say visible, I mean on the first or seconde page, not 10th page visible. With literally millions of businesses and users […]

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Person Video Editing Online

Quick Guide to Creating Social Media Videos

Videos are becoming an important strategy for marketing, especially on social media. According to Animoto (an online video making platform), videos are performing better than any other type of social media post. In fact, social media videos can be a great way to attract more leads for your business. That is why, as a social […]

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Simplify Concept

Simplifying Your Online Marketing Workload

If you are new to online marketing and want to start, there are several things you can do to lessen the workload. Before we take a look at strategies, let’s define what online marketing is first. Online marketing is the act of selling a product or service on the Internet. There are several types of […]

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