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Quick Guide to Creating Social Media Videos

Videos are becoming an important strategy for marketing, especially on social media. According to Animoto (an online video making platform), videos are performing better than any other type of social media post. In fact, social media videos can be a great way to attract more leads for your business. That is why, as a social […]

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Why Make Evergreen Content

In the digital marketing world, one term you will hear often is “Evergreen Content”. Evergreen content is content that is relevant now and will still continue to be relevant long after it is posted. Common Evergreen content that you often see being posted are posts like “How To”, “Top Ten” and product reviews that apply […]

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Set Goals Take Action

9 Rules For Successful Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about generating unique material that your customers can relate to. Communication without content marketing has no future. However, not everyone has been successful creating great content. Check these rules on how to create engaging content that will capture the attention of your audience and boost your sales. Rule #1: Research How would […]

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How to Write Effective Headlines for Your Content

Your title is something that you should give in more time aside from your content. Focus on this aspect of your article to be able to attract more readers. Effective headlines will let people click and read through your content. You have a higher chance of getting shared even without reading it. Keep it Simple […]

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Creating Better Content: Use Visuals

Statistics prove that adding visuals are definitely one way to creating better content. According to Cisco, videos will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. While another study showed that 74% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. The question is, how to give your content marketing a boost to […]

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How to Drive Audience to Your Site

Create Great Content The best solution to drive traffic to your website is content. Content can drive thousands to millions of visitors but what is the essence of a great content if no one’s going to read it, People love to share informative content, and a great content is a key to be able to […]

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How to Make Your Business Blog More Effective

To be more effective in business blogs, the authority in your field is essential. This results in increased recognition, credibility and business opportunities. There are millions of blogs posted every day, but most never get read. So how to gain momentum and make your blog more effective, Plan Your Content Marketing Priorities A good plan […]

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