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Why Make Evergreen Content

In the digital marketing world, one term you will hear often is “Evergreen Content”. Evergreen content is content that is relevant now and will still continue to be relevant long after it is posted. Common Evergreen content that you often see being posted are posts like “How To”, “Top Ten” and product reviews that apply at any time, and it not specific to a specific time, for example, for 2016.

Evergreen content applies to all types of content, including, written videos, infographics and other visual mediums.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

Improve Keyword Rankings

Evergreen content can be applied to your SEO strategy simply because it stays relevant even as time passes by. By using keywords that you are applying to your SEO strategy, you can ensure the long-term relevance of published posts, thus allowing your SEO strategy to have much more staying power.

Boosts Traffic

Since evergreen content has long-term relevance, it will naturally drive traffic to your website on a consistent basis. Compared to a trending topic, evergreen content will continue to drive traffic to your website long after it has been published. Although, this isn’t to say that you should totally avoid publishing trending topics. If you want to draw out a huge surge of traffic to your website, you can still publish content related to a trending topic and keep it evergreen.

Google Friendly

Google has now been using an algorithm that favours sites that produce evergreen content. It rewards sites that have high-quality evergreen content. This will intern provide a huge boost to your sites SEO rankings.

Backlink Friendly

High-quality evergreen content can still get backlinks even after being posted a couple of years later because of its relevance. The great thing is, when Google sees that your site is still getting backlinks, it will reward your site by increasing your site’s ranking.

Helps Build Authority

Evergreen content can help you build authority on a topic when it is done right. When your audience sees that you have provided high-value content, they will begin to trust you and will consider you to be an authority on the topic you made.


The great thing about evergreen content is that it can be recycled and repurposed. Being that it has long-term relevance, you can easily recycle your evergreen content after a couple of years.

After you’ve produced evergreen content, make sure to keep it updated when required.


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