Creating Better Content: Use Visuals

Statistics prove that adding visuals are definitely one way to creating better content. According to Cisco, videos will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. While another study showed that 74% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. The question is, how to give your content marketing a boost to be more effective.


Start With a Creative Pitch

Everything begins with an irresistible idea. One creative pitch can have an impact better than using nonsense notion. Once you get the attention of your audience, engagements will come after.

Build a Consistent Visual Identity Across Platforms

The strongest brands have a consistent visual identity. Include a photography section that outlines your photography style, key photo characteristics, and guidelines on image use on social media and your website.

Connect With Values

Customers connect easily with the brand’s values. Make videos about your company’s values rather than about your product only. Produce content with values at the core. Tell a story that will get more attention.

Source Gorgeous Photography

The right photo or video will engage your audience. Beautiful photographs can help you tell a more accurate and compelling story. Plan ahead and make sourcing high-quality photography a priority.

Get Started With GIFs

GIFs are great for sharing fun, light-hearted content. You can use Giphy Capture or Adobe Photoshop to create your own GIFs. You can repurpose video clips, share teasers for upcoming content, demonstrate a step-by-step process and more. Think about which snippets might make good GIFs to tease your video on social media, in emails or on your website.

Engage With Graphics and Infographics

Graphics and infographics are a great way to demonstrate a concept visually even if the concept is not inherently visual. You may combine brightly coloured graphics and clever copy to illustrate user data.

Work Closely With Influencers

Influencers can bring a fresh perspective to your brand and help you reach a new audience. Choose related influencers, not just those who have a large number of followers. Give them unique experiences with your brand and work with them to share their content through a wide variety of channels.

Interact With Other Brands

Followers love seeing brands interact with each other on social media. Make sure you have great business partners. If you want to have some fun with another brand on social media, sometimes it’s best to make sure that both of you are on the same page. Let the conversation evolve organically.

Publish Your Best Photos in Real Time

You have to get your photos out faster than everyone else. Your fans want photos immediately, post it at a time when everyone is online. Your brand’s photo has the best chance of dominating a trending conversation if your best photo is shared at the right time.

Go Behind the Scenes

Believe it or not, audiences love behind-the-scenes content. Instagram and Snapchat stories are perfect for giving fans an insider’s look. Think about the perspective only you can give your fans. Test that content on your Instagram and Snapchat stories. You may find you should share that content across all your social media channels.


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