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Local Adwords Advertising Best Practices with More Explanation

Google is putting out some pretty powerful statements.

And they have a little bit of research backing to show the power of local advertising.

Take a look at this recent direct marketing blast by Adwords to encourage more local advertisers to think about local advertising with Google.

Now a lot of this data is based on the US, so we need to take it with a pinch of salt here in Australia. Nevertheless, you can expect similar trends to follow. There are some great points in the email they have sent out so I have expanded on the explanations to help potential local advertisers make the most of their local advertising with Google Adwords by making sure they add the extras, or extensions, to their local text ads when creating adwords adverts for local marketing.

Google is improving the ways it is helping local business.

According to Google:

This year, 90% of purchases around the world happened in a physical store. (1)

Google’s Advice:

To bring more shoppers through your front door, you need to let them know you’re close by and have what they’re looking for. To get started, check out these best practices to improve your local marketing:

3 in 4 people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related business within 24 hours.(2)

Help them reach you directly from your ad with location extensions. Local extensions are extensions you can use with your local advertising that help people know where you are. They include details such as your address, your map location, the distance to your business. People can easily click or tap to get more information on your location page. You can even use click to call or simply display your phone number.

73% of smartphone users said directions were important in an ad. (3)

Well this really makes sense. If a user is looking for somewhere local, they want to be able to see how to get there immediately. Location bid modifiers allow you to increase your bidding to display your location so that you show your customers the way to your store.

81% of shoppers checked whether a product was in-stock before heading to the store to buy. (4)

Local inventory ads are great for letting your customers know what you have available. The research shows they want to make sure you have what they want before they head over to your store. Local inventory ads are designed to show your products and store information to potential shoppers nearby. When clicking on these adverts, potential shoppers land on a page hosted by Google for your store - this is called your local storefront. Again, shoppers can find what you have in stock, get your operating hours, directions and more.

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