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Getting the Most out of Google Ads with SEO

Article Updated: September 3, 2019 Advertising options with Google Ads are getting better, particularly for ecommerce businesses. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with Adwords but it isn’t as complicated as many may want you to think. Nevertheless, changes subtly introduced by Google over recent years has made Google Adss more important than it once was. […]

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Remarketing Concept

Remarketing with Google Ads

Article Updated: September 3, 2019 Google Ads has a feature called Remarketing. RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, allows you to customize your ads and bids according to what your visitors are searching for in Google and other search network partners. How Does RLSA Work? Let’s paint a picture. Say, for example, a person […]

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Adwords Interface

Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords Express

AdWords Express (AWE) has been pulled apart and renamed smart campaigns inside Google Ads as well as being split with Google My Business, which had a direct link to get started advertising in the same manner as the old AWE, with the addition of local-targeting. Article Updated: September 4, 2019 AdWords Express (AWE) provides accessibility […]

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Internet Advertising Concept On Laptop

Inhuman Ads: What Advertisers Can Learn

An inhuman ad is a term coined by Mozilla, the builders of the Firefox browser, which refers to adverts that display online in rather weird locations. This is how Mozilla describes inhuman ads… “When you see an online ad and you can tell there’s no way a real live person would’ve published it, you’re looking […]

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Adwords Suggestions

Should I Follow Adwords Suggestions: A Starter’s Guide

It doesn’t take long before Adwords starts giving account managers, whether that be a contractor, employee, or yourself as a business owner, plenty of suggestions. The suggestions are a mixed bag of how to improve your account and how to optimise your advertising for better returns. The question soon arises, should I follow all these […]

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Google Adwords Extensions

Understanding the Importance of Adwords Extensions

Advertising on the Search Network, that is the written adverts you see on Google Search is one of the easiest types of advertising to manage while being extremely powerful, especially in Australia. Australians are very comfortable with using to Google to search for what they are looking for. Using Google Search is the norm when […]

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Top View Of A Man Buying Christmas Gifts Online

Australian Online Store Owners: Google Mobile First

Mobile Consumer & Mobile User Issues for Australian SME Ecommerce Owners “While everyone is going crazy about mobile maybe it is time to say “whoa” hold on a minute” There’s plenty of advice for your online retail business in Australia from those with a smartphone in their hand they’re constantly interacting with while telling you […]

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online advertising

7 Reasons Why to Stop or Pause an Adwords Campaign

I started as a copywriter and then I got obsessed with SEO, particularly onpage and onsite SEO. I still am because I still believe onsite SEO is where all marketing starts. Onpage copy and onsite SEO is more important than ever as Adwords becomes more important if you are interested in driving traffic, increasing awareness […]

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Optimising for Close Variants

Avoiding the High Cost of Premium Keywords on Adwords Close Variants in Google Search Results If you use Google Search (GS) a lot and have really paid attention to the results you get each time you make a search, you will have noticed some big changes recently. Unless you are a little fanatical about Google […]

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