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Using Data for High Impact Creatives

It wasn’t too long ago that data wasn’t considered important part of the creative process. In Australia alone, there has been a significant increase of advertisers that use data to create high impact creatives. Data has now become an integral part of any marketing campaign.

It allows you to optimise the campaign you are designing, set budgets and drive creative development. Data allows you to send appropriate display ads to your consumers. This is called “Data-Driven Creative”. With this technique, you can meet your consumer’s expectations by sending them the appropriate message in all the phases of your sales funnel.

By using business data like trending products, flight times and integrating them with other data like keywords, audience interest, demographics, website visits and so much more, you develop very relevant and applicable ads for your marketing campaign.

How do you use data to make high impact creatives?

Understanding Data

Understanding the data you collect from your CRM and market research will allow you to design a high impact creative. Once you collect all pertinent data, decide which are the most important to use. Then, plan out which data signals you can use for targeting your market.

Develop Data-Based Strategies

In order to get the most out of the data you have collected, it needs to be part of your creative team’s strategy. Let your creative team analyse and map out your goals based on the data collected. This will allow your creative team to design a campaign based on your consumer’s behaviour.


Right from the start, ensure that your creative team and marketing team collaborate with each other throughout the process. Make sure that feedback from each team is implemented. By getting everyone involved, you are utilising the most of your team’s analytical capabilities. Data-driven strategies complemented by data-driven creative will result in high impact campaigns.


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