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Persuasive Copywriting Techniques You Can Use Immediately

Persuasive copywriting will improve sales whether used in email or on an ecommerce websites. Persuasive copywriting is powerful and should be used in business. Here are some techniques to think about.

Empathy Is Key

Focus on relating to emotional problems. In the art of persuasion, echoing the sentiments of the listener can go a long way. Show them that your product or service can help solve those emotional problems. People want to hear that you empathize with them and you are there to help solve their problem. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and understand what they are going through in order to learn what it is you need to say to them. Think of what you want to hear when you are in their shoes and start jotting them down. This will be the basis of the content that you need to write. A good strategy is to write all about the problem and introduce your product or service as the solution in the later part of the content.

Be Factual

Empathy can only take you so far. You need to reinforce that by being factual. Provide relevant data and other information that supports the credibility and effectiveness of your product or service. Showing undeniable evidence that your product is the best possible solution for your prospect is a great way to convince them.

Use of Tone

Using tone when writing adds emotion to the content. It also makes your piece interesting and appealing. If you are not sure how to do this, just think about how you would normally converse with a person. When you do this, your reader will easily gravitate towards the message you are trying to relay. Remember that readers will and do react to what they are reading. If you are telling a joke, they will laugh. That’s how it usually works.

Use Hyperbole

A great way to show value to your product or service is to use hyperbole, or in simple terms, exaggerate. This is the best way to make your point since it will help to catch the attention of your reader and it will also make them curious.

Be Concise

As the saying goes, “Make it short and sweet.” Concise statements are great because because they generally stick and can be persuasive. Nothing can be more irritating than reading sentences with a lot of fluffy words that you don’t actually need.


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