Lead Generation

Integrating Lead Generation into Your Next Marketing Plan

Lead Generation is a continuous process of identifying your prospects, getting your lead’s attention and turning them into a potential customer. Its goal is to stimulate the interest of your potential customers to the business and let them buy the product or service.

Here’s a list of the most effective strategies to generate more leads for your business.

Direct Mail

Direct emailing is the most traditional way of sourcing leads through digital marketing. It is still very relevant today.

Powerful Promotions

Your promotions are short-term efforts aimed to increase immediate sales and building a long-term relationship with customers. On your website, you can create events, blogs, brochures, leaflets, newsletters etc to share this information. The goal is to communicate the benefits of your product or service by addressing their needs, and explaining how you help them even more.

Paid Advertising

Search engine pay-per-click and paid ads on social media to suit your budget are very effective when managed by experts. Advertising on Google and Facebook does work and is cost-effective when one knows what they are doing. The goal is to optimise ads to achieve continuous lead generation. You have to be sure that you are paying for useful impressions and clicks based on related keywords.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This is the most powerful of all techniques available in any business. You’re allowing your business to be promoted and be referred by other people. The fact that your clients are referring you to their friends or family members for free is already an achievement. Let’s not forget social media is word of mouth gone digital.

Have Some Fun

You can put up a small game or contest that is related to your business and/or promotion. Give away some prizes for those who will participate. You can integrate quizzes on social media platforms, for example.


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