Getting Ready For Micromoments

Micromoments are changing the rules of marketing. Consumers can now get what they want, when they want it. That’s all because of the rise of mobile devices as the primary medium to accessing the Internet. With mobile devices, user can quickly search, learn or buy online. These moments of behaviour is called a micromoment. For marketers, micromoments are vital because consumers’ expectations are higher. This is the perfect chance for a marketer to capitalize on the consumers’ needs.

How to Prepare for Micromoments

Just being present and available will not be enough for a marketer to capitalize on micromoments. Marketers need to be a step ahead of their consumers. They have to know their consumers’ needs before the consumers even do. In order to do that, they have to have a detail-driven view of how to help their consumers. In other words, having an assistive mindset is the key requirement to take advantage of micromoments.

The challenge for marketers now is how they can make their messages relevant across all platforms at all times. In order to do that, marketers need to embrace evolving standards and adapt to them. This, as with all marketing, requires investing in the future, which includes these strategies:

Improve Mobile Experience

Raising the standards for mobile user experience will be a key investment. Users need fast and assistive experiences in order to be satisfied.

Bridging Online and Offline

Textbook mobile user experience means providing both offline and online assistance to consumers.

Being Data Smart

Personalize your user experience better by combining automation with consumer understanding.

Embracing the Change

These strategies will work best when marketers understand what the role of technology plays in micromoments. You do have to recognize that as innovations on smart devices keep coming, it’s better to keep abreast to become part of the marketing industry’s evolution.


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