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Reasons Your Business Should Be on Facebook

Of all social networking sites available today, Facebook is the most widely used apps with over 1 billion users, topping any other site. You yourself, use this app too, and somewhere along the road, you might have seen Facebook ads like a picture and, probably, were wondering how can a simple picture take part in growing and advertising a business when in fact, Facebook is full of updates or status changes.

Let us dig deeper and look beyond the people behind these posts, who your potential customers actually are. They are an important agent and advocate for your business’ popularity.

Once a Facebook user becomes a customer and is satisfied with your product, that customer will recommend it to others and that is where your business starts to grow.

All business, be it small or big, must establish a Facebook page to reach out with customers easier than ever. Still have doubts about how important it is to have your business on Facebook? Here are a few more reasons why you should start making your own page right now.

Build and Strengthen Customer Relationship

Facebook offers you the channel to know, communicate and get in touch with your customers easier and more personally than any other form of advertisement. You are given the chance to have a first hand experience of interacting with them, thus deepening and strengthening your relationship. It also enables you to know what their interests are, hence you already have an idea on what to post and what strategy to use based on what they like to capture their attention.

For example, someone bought your product, which is a packed meal for people on a diet. Before eating, she took a picture and posted it online, gaining likes and exposing your product with her friends online, giving you potential customers without you spending costing you a penny.

Let Your Brand be Known

While you are in the process of building and deepening your relationship with customers, you are also starting to raise awareness in other places about your business. In Facebook, once someone likes something like a Facebook page, it will appear on his or her friend’s Newsfeed promoting your business in no time and generating awareness of people about your business. It could also be by people who saw your product online and recommended it to other people, known as word of mouth advertisement.

Let’s take, for example, a person buys your product which is a whitening soap they bought from your page. Some people notice the changes on her skin and they start asking her what product she is using and where they can buy it, and this person will direct them to your page or shop, adding a bunch of customers to your list.

Increase Traffic

As your product is starting to get recognised on Facebook, with the help of what people say about your product, the more likely your product will capture the customer’s attention and make him want to visit your page to know more about it, thus increasing the number of people who visit your page, better known as the traffic rate of your page. There is no better advertisement than people who use your product and talk about it to their friends, making them want in on it.

Cut Down Your Expenses

Rather than spending lots of money for a paid advertisement ad or for printing flyers and billboards, Facebook enables you to promote your product at little or no cost. You should never underestimate what Facebook can do for your product once it hits the cloud. Facebook can be considered one of the easiest, cheapest and most accessible marketing tool available. People who use your product will definitely be the ones who will advertise your product at no cost at all.

Customer Support and Review

Facebook offers an avenue to deal with your consumer’s questions and concern in a more manageable way. Meet your customer’s expectation by making it easy to connect with you and your presence on Facebook. They can just simply post their message and write reviews on your page rather than calling which could cause you additional charges. It is both convenient to you and your customers. This also saves you time answering questions individually because they can just read about things that are posted on your wall.

A Facebook page for your business is ultimately a fast and reliable way to increase awareness about your business. Facebook isn’t just the central hub of social media anymore, but it is growing and developing continuously to be a proficient way to run businesses. Hence, it can’t be denied that Facebook will continue to grow its reach, especially in business. It is about time your business gets heard of, there isn’t anything to lose in trying.


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