Advantages of WordPress 4 & PHP 7

There is no other web content management system used today that is more popular than WordPress. This user-friendly platform is being used by bloggers, marketers and business owners. WordPress which is powered by PHP is the most common CMS used for blogs, landing pages and small-medium size business websites.

Requirements of WordPress:

In order to use WordPress, your hosting company must support the following:
At least PHP 7
HTTPS support
MySQL v5.6 or higher or MariaDB v10.0 or higher

WordPress 4 has been fine-tuned using PHP 7 to boost the performance of a website. Let’s take a look at what has been improved.


Better Bandwidth

Compared to the older versions of WordPress and PHP, WordPress 4 combined PHP 7 can handle almost double the requests per second on a website. As a marketer or business owner, that is huge bonus because your website can handle more activity.

Lower Latency

With this version of WP and PHP, latency is greatly reduced thereby allowing more users to be able to use your website without compromising user experience.

Optimised Memory

Since PHP 7 has a great instruction set, it can perform tasks using fewer instructions. In simple terms, it will help your website become faster in terms of executing commands.

Bottom Line

PHP 7 and WordPress 4 significantly improve a website’s performance, features and security by almost twice as much. It reduces computing power which can help an owner save money in terms of server/hosting costs.

The most glaring benefit though is the faster load times of pages in a website. This alone can boost the user experience of a website exponentially, which is invaluable in today’s digital marketing world.

Apart from those benefits, security is actually the biggest improvement with WordPress 4.8 onwards. Always keep your software updated to the latest version.


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