What is Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is a smart way to re-engage with your site visitors who did not buy from your site. What happens is it lets you position your targeted ads somewhere else on the internet to a specific set of people who have already visited your site. Remarketing is a very efficient and cost effective way of telling your customers again to buy what you have to offer. These ads can be done via text format or image displays. You can manage these ads using Google AdWords.

How Does Google Remarketing Work

Remarketing is a great strategy to improve sales conversions for sites with a long sales process. Remarketing does it by placing cookies on your site visitor’s computer or mobile device provided that they meet the criteria. You can adjust the criteria by changing advertising controls like specific pages that the visitor has viewed, how long ago the visitor has visited your site and a lot more. You can also set it to display a specific number of ads per day to a user so as not to overwhelm them. Google remarketing has been revised to be more flexible by allowing lists to be managed or created without having the need to insert a code to the site.

Things to Remember:

  • Google Remarketing requires at least 100 visitors within the last 30 days in order for the ads to be displayed. These visitors must be active as well.
  • Targeted Google search lists require at least 1000 active visitors.
  • Make sure to create very relevant ads. These ads must be what your site visitors are looking for.
  • Make the ads more tempting and encouraging.
  • If you want to increase your brand awareness, make ads that are set to display over a set time. A week or a couple of months will do.


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