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Ways to Promote Your Business With Instagram

The rise of social media as a marketing platform has drastically changed the game. Over the past few years, one social media platform that has steadily risen in popularity is Instagram. If you have a business, you can start promoting your brand/business on Instagram.

Here are some of the best ways to promote your business through Instagram.

Use Hashtags

This is the ideal approach if you have a small business. You can start sharing photos of your product or service and use relevant hashtags to increase the photo’s reach. You have to make sure that your hashtags are relevant to your target audience. This approach is a great way to spread brand awareness.

Tip: There are a lot of free tools on the internet that can help in your hashtag research.

Generate a Following

This is the most vital step to increase your brand awareness. By generating a following, you can increase your target audience. Although it can be daunting at times, there are less painful ways to go about it.

Tip: You can use Instagram bots to help you increase your following. What will happen is, these bots will log in to your Instagram account and start engaging with other users. As the bot keeps on doing that, more and more users will click your profile and possibly hit the Follow button. All you have to do is set the parameters of how you want your bot to engage with users.

Look for a Brand Partner

After you’ve established your following (see above), you can then start looking for a brand partner. This is the most common way of promoting your product or service. Have you seen Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account, It’s literally flooded with brand partnership posts. Look for Instagram influencers who are a great fit for your product or service and start interacting with them.

Tip: Grapevine is a great platform to find brand partnership prospects. Try reaching out to companies and see if they are willing to do it.


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