Google Adwords Extensions

Understanding the Importance of Adwords Extensions

Advertising on the Search Network, that is the written adverts you see on Google Search is one of the easiest types of advertising to manage while being extremely powerful, especially in Australia.

Australians are very comfortable with using to Google to search for what they are looking for. Using Google Search is the norm when looking for products or services. This is not the case in all countries, for example, Facebook IS the Internet and Google isn’t used to the same degree. Getting back to Australia, the Search Network, Adwords advertising on the Search Network and why extensions are so powerful.

Variety of Extensions

Adword extensions are those extras you see underneath adverts displayed on Google. You don’t have complete control over when these extensions will display but you can set them up to display when available.

Reasons Adwords Extensions Are So Powerful

It is difficult to pin this one down with numbers, although the numbers will show you that your extensions are generating a high number of conversions, and sometimes more conversions than the adverts themselves.

In our experience and understanding of the human interaction that Google is based around, it is quite fair to say that extensions attract attention because they are extras underneath the advert, almost like the word “fine print” draws your attention on a written contract. There is something about smaller portions of any written content that attract and engage, the same way a “P.S.” does on a letter or an email. This is just the nature of human neural activity.

The Latest Extension Available: The Promotion Extension

There is an ever increasing number of extensions available and they also work extremely well with remarketing. The latest extension Adwords has released is the Promotion Extension. This extension allows you to specify a promotion for anything you like. For example, you may wish to promote the fact that you offer better pricing guarantee, you offer after pay or you have a sale running that is offering discounts up to a particular amount. There are varied options available for targetting prices, brands, models, sitewide extensions, campaign extensions, ad group extensions.

The Promotion Extension is only available through the “new Adwords experience” and so we’ve found another reason to use it.

There Is More

There is so much that can be done with extensions while you can modify them at any time to suit your target audience and what you are looking to sell. and let your customers know what pages offer specific


If that seems a little complicated, talk to us at RD and get us to handle your advertising with Google, especially with ecommerce because we love ecommerce and making more sales. Our Adwords management rates are available on our RomaDigital Marketing Services Packages page along with a host of other services to boost your website marketing results, save you time and allow you to get back to managing instead of working your digital marketing

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