Content Marketing

Content Marketing: A Blog About Misconception

Content marketing still seems to be right at the top of what is important for digital marketing strategies. After all, “Content is King”. There’s a big misconception out there: content marketing is blogging, right? Content marketing and blogging each offer value but they are definitely not the same. Blogging (informative articles) should be one part […]

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Data Analysis Concept

The Importance of Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis provides a better understanding of your current market condition and helps businesses establish well-refined strategic goals. You might be seeing strong results across your board; but what if your competitor’s outcome is stronger than yours? Here are some reasons why it is important to have a competitor analysis even for your online marketing […]

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Online Competition Concept

Ways to Stand Out and Dominate Online Competitors

Who says running an online store is easy? Managing a successful online retail business can be stressful. Business owners should know how to stand out from their competitors in order to gain more income. Planning, marketing, and executing is critical to any business, so how could you dominate your competitors and win the competition? Establish […]

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Woman Buying Online

Product Description Problems Fixed

Profit-generating ecommerce and online stores don’t see the discounted or low price of their product as the most dynamic way to differentiate. The Essential Staff of Any Ecommerce Website That Wants to Profit There are a couple of major factors that separate ecommerce websites. Despite what you think, it’s not all online marketing and digital […]

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Internet Advertising Concept On Laptop

Inhuman Ads: What Advertisers Can Learn

An inhuman ad is a term coined by Mozilla, the builders of the Firefox browser, which refers to adverts that display online in rather weird locations. This is how Mozilla describes inhuman ads… “When you see an online ad and you can tell there’s no way a real live person would’ve published it, you’re looking […]

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Notifications On Smartphone

Browser-Based Push Notifications Explained

Ever noticed those messages from apps that keep popping up on your mobile phone, those are called push notifications. These messages pop up even if your mobile phone is idle or the app isn’t opened. Common examples of this are game scores or schedules for let’s say the NBA. If you’ve installed NBA League Pass […]

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Revenue Concept

Ways to Grow Your Revenue Around Your Customers

In the ecommerce industry, there are several customer-centered approaches to increase your revenue. You can either increase the total number of customers you have, increase the times your customer buys from you or increase the value of your customer’s order. Let’s take a look at a couple of methods for each approach so that you […]

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Google Search

How Do SEM & SEO Relate to Each Other

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are terms often times being interchanged even by seasoned professionals. That is understandable because they are actually both used to boost search engine visibility. They are however, quite different. What is SEO When you search for something on a search engine like Google, you will see […]

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Email Marketing Concept

Email Marketing Metrics to Check Regularly

Email marketing is a booming trend in the marketing industry because of its personal touch once it reaches the target audience. But this won’t work all the time, not unless you know how to optimize your emails. This is where email marketing metrics enter the limelight. Email marketing metrics enable you to know the effectiveness […]

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