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The Importance of Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis provides a better understanding of your current market condition and helps businesses establish well-refined strategic goals. You might be seeing strong results across your board; but what if your competitor’s outcome is stronger than yours? Here are some reasons why it is important to have a competitor analysis even for your online marketing plan.

Get to Know Your Competitors More

This gives you exclusive insights into your competitor’s plans, strengths and weaknesses. You might also discover new things that may help you change your own priorities. However, you have to determine your direct competitors rather than those who you aspire to become one day. Look for businesses that have the same products, doing the same service or have the same target market.

Understand Market Gaps

These are opportunities for your business to expand, and increase your sales. You can start creating a competitor map that will help you lay out your competitor’s unique service models. This may reveal who charges premium prices among your competitors or those who have the same service as to yours.

Grow Online Advertising Effort

Improve your online ads for both PPC and other social media campaigns by using your competitor’s keywords and use it to your advantage. Be familiar with the use of SEO; the more powerful it is, the higher exposure score you may be able to get. You should also look for keyword gaps that your competitors are missing.

Product or Service Development

In highly competitive business, your direct competitors are developing their techniques in order to come out with new products. You may gain immense advantage by knowing what your competitors are working on for future plans. You can develop products or improve your services to keep up with your competitors in terms of price, functionality or quality.

Accelerate Your Marketing Content

Grow your business with the help of blogs, website content and social media sites by getting an inside scoopon the areas you’re competitors focus on, you’ll be able to find new ideas. Add a well-planned complete content marketing strategy that will help your business grow in many ways like engaging new customers, building relationships, and raising your profile online. You can boost your content marketing strategy with advertising on Google’s Display Network.

Market Trends

Pounce on opportunities to differentiate your products or services. Stay ahead on the latest trends in your market. Keep yourself updated so you can lead the needs of your market.


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