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How to Use Google Analytics Effectively to Better Understand Your Website

With the booming online business industry, analytics plays an important role in generating high-value clients and driving traffic to your site. It allows you to access both general statistics and detailed reports to analyse information. As powerful as it can be, you have to know how to be able to use Google Analytics to its maximum potential,

Check out these ways on using Google Analytics more efficiently for your website.

Find the Browser That Most of Your Audience Uses

Google Analytics helps you figure out which browser your audience is using. If most of your visitors are using downtempo programs like Internet Explorer, then your site should be extra user-friendly. Go mobile and let your audience find you on mobile devices.

Know What Post Your Audience Wants to See

Know which content off your website has more views and how many people are poking around. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to know how many of your website pages are being viewed. If people aren’t looking for more than 2 pages, then maybe it is time to redesign or reorganize your content.

Keep Track of Language and Location

See where your visitors come from geographically to better understand those people who are interested in your website. Knowing that you have numbers of interested visitors from a certain location might cause you to rethink adding a product or service feature. This can also help you find out what is the best time to publish your content.

Check the Engagement Rate

With the help of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to know how long your visitors have spent on your site. Engagement is a key factor for your website because it allows you to learn which among your content is the most engaging and if there is anythin you have to work on.

Understand Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the proportion of your website’s visitors that navigate away without clicking through to a second, third, or fourth page. A high bounce rate means that your site isn’t making a strong impact. If you have a high bounce rate, rebuild your homepage to make it more appealing, then add more engaging content.

Wise Use of Custom Reports

There are several types of reports that Google Analytics can deliver to you. Let’s name some samples and have a brief explanation of what it is all about:

  • The Channel Report will let you know where your traffic comes from. You can see who has searched for you organically, those have typed in your address directly, those who clicked on a site that you were linked, pay-per-click advertising, and much more.
  • The All Pages Report allows you to see the most popular pages on your website. It will help you restructure your site whenever needed.
  • The Search Query Report will tell you the terms that people are using in order to find your site. It will help you better understand which keywords are suitable to use for your content.
  • The Search Landing Page Report will give you an idea of what pages people are landing the most through organic search.
  • Social Channels Report will allow you to see how your social media accounts are contributing to your website. Check which social media platform works best for you.
  • Use these reports to monitor your performance, and build an outcome that will help your website. With better user experience, your website will have more visitors to come.


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