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Great Competitor Analysis Tools

Tracking your competitors’ progress is a strategy that every business needs to do. It has been a practice since time immemorial. That goes true for SEO as well. Checking to see what your competitors’ rankings are is a great learning strategy. You can learn about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and then formulate a good strategy to counter them. The good thing is, there are a lot of great competitor analysis tools available today that you can use. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Alexa is a must have for tracking global traffic. You can view any competitor’s website ranking easily by using Moz toolbar. You can also see your competitor’s keywords and backlinks aside from their traffic.


If you want to track your competitors’ activities in social media, Infinigraph is your go-to tool. It allows you to track your competitors’ trends and lets you see insights of your target audience. This will allow you to properly adjust your social media marketing strategy according to your competitors’ social media activity.


SEMRush is an analysis tool that allows you to check a wide range of metrics usually centred on keywords and rankings. It’s a great tool to see where your competitors are ranked in terms of keywords used. It also has other features which can help you improve your PPC campaign which is a pretty useful feature in my book.


If you are doing keyword research, Ahrefs is a great tool to utilize. You can see what keywords your competitors are you using and how they are ranked. You can also see their organic traffic and their best content.


This tool is a bit new but has already gained quite a reputation. It helps you analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Aside from that, it can let you know if you have negative backlinks and gives you recommendations of quality so you can adjust your link building strategy accordingly. It also has a traffic increase estimate that is based on keyword positioning.


Feedly is a tool that allows you to follow sites so that you can keep track of industry trends thereby allowing you to get ahead of your competitors. The great thing about this is that you can add it to your browser as an extension so you can easily add sites to follow.


If you want to know where your competitors are placing their ads, Moat is the tool for you. Aside from that, Moat can also guide you on where you can place your ads.


For PPC campaigns, iSpionage is the best tool to use to see the top PPC competitors and it also shows their budget for PPC campaigns monthly. It also allows you to see your competitors’ AdWords strategy. This is one of the recommended tools for SEO competitive research today.


Complete allows you to track trends among competitors and also shows you your consumer’s online behaviour. Plus it has great data visualization features that you can utilize which can prove useful especially during meetings and presentations.

Before trying out these tools though, I suggest that you try them out to determine if they are best suited for you. Try to get a hold of their free trial version. Most of what’s listed here, offer the privilege of a free trial.


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