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Dynamic Drip Email Marketing Explained

In email marketing, there’s a method called drip email marketing. It’s a method to get your message to possible leads. They are basically targeted email messages to get more leads and convert them into customers. A basic drip marketing method distributes a set of emails for a specific period of say 1 week. Let’s say you’ve got a 4 part email about social media marketing. In a basic drip marketing strategy, you can send those 4 emails every other day within a week. Every dynamic drip email marketing strategy is different.

How It Works

In dynamic drip marketing, your strategy is based on the interest of your subscribers to the email you are sending. Unlike standard drip marketing wherein your email is scheduled to be sent at a specific date, in dynamic drip email marketing, you will be sending emails depending on how the recipient will react to the email you sent.

This is because there will always be subscribers who are more interested and engaging than others, thus they are more open to receiving new content from you. Let me paint a picture to clearly display how dynamic drip marketing works.

In a typical email marketing campaign, there is always the welcome message. Continuing with the premise that your campaign is built around social media marketing, your welcome message has a link to your Facebook page. When the recipient clicks on that link, you can send them another email since they expressed interest in your page. The email can contain any information about your page and what they can expect to see from it.

Naturally, the recipients who did not click on your link will not get that email. The recipients who clicked on your link will then be segregated in another list. This list is called a dynamic list and will then have another trigger that they need to fulfill in order to receive the next email. You can continue doing this process until all your emails are sent to the subscribers who expressed interest by fulfilling the triggers.

Dynamic drip email marketing is a different approach compared to the standard drip marketing campaigns used by marketers today because it considers the subscribers’ behaviour when engaging in the email that you send. Recent studies have shown that dynamic drip email campaigns produce more click rates than the standard ones.

The Secret to a Successful Dynamic Drip Email Campaign

Since this is a fairly new concept, not all marketers employ this kind of strategy. Most people say that email marketing is dead now because not enough people are clicking through the email. That is far from the truth actually. Email marketing is still very useful especially dynamic drip email marketing provided that it is done right. The trick is designing your campaign to send the right email to the right subscriber at the right time. It takes practice but in time, you will be able to get it. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


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