Remarketing Concept

Remarketing with Google Ads

Article Updated: September 3, 2019 Google Ads has a feature called Remarketing. RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, allows you to customize your ads and bids according to what your visitors are searching for in Google and other search network partners. How Does RLSA Work? Let’s paint a picture. Say, for example, a person […]

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Adwords Express

Why Use Adwords Express for Local Businesses

In the world of Internet Advertising, one term stands above them all and that is Adwords. What is Adwords, Adwords or more commonly known as Google Adwords is a service by Google that businesses can utilise to display ads on Google and the rest of its network of advertisers. How it works is that it […]

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What is Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is a smart way to re-engage with your site visitors who did not buy from your site. What happens is it lets you position your targeted ads somewhere else on the internet to a specific set of people who have already visited your site. Remarketing is a very efficient and cost effective way […]

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